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I train driving instructors in Nevada and some end up opening their own driving school. Although competition is inevitable, I believe that word-of-mouth (referrals) is the key to any successful business. Please see " Testimonials".

Why Choosing Las Vegas NV Driving School?

#1. Dedicated Owner / Instructor

I am a second-generation driving instructor. I share my father’s passion and desire to teach the skill of safe driving. I am Devoted to Your Education with loyalty and integrity. I will teach you safe & defensive driving with calm and understanding.

#2. Freedom of Choice

At my school you can pay for just one lesson with no strings attached. If you are pleased you can then purchase additional lessons. 

All our prices includes FREE pick-up and drop-off at the location of your choice.
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#3. Your Are in Good Hands

I was trained in Las Vegas by the best rated driving school. Our DMV Licensed Instructors are dedicated to teach defensive driving and safety. Our goal is to help you building confidence in driving and to give you the tools to make you a wise and safe driver.  

What you will need at the DMV when applying for your driver’s license:

All teenagers from 16 to 18 registering for a Driving skill test (Driver’s license) must have:

  1. a valid learner’s permit, ( or instruction permit) in order to drive Behind-the-Wheel with supervision. Learner’s  Permits are valid for one year. If your permit has expired, you must apply for renewal in person at a DMV office, a parent/guardian must sign another Financial Responsibility Statement. If the permit is expired more than 30 days, you will have to take the written test again. To register at the DMV you will need a Certification of School-Attendance, Parent Authorization  with a financial statement and a vision test ( at the DMV).
  2. a record of 50 hours driving log, ( Experience Log Book ) Showing a record of 40 hours of day driving and 10 hours of night driving supervised by anyone who is at least 21 years old and have a drivers license for at least 1 year.
  3. a Driver’s Education certificate (for teenagers only) “30 hour online class” – See Drivers Ed on the menu above or HERESee downloads at the bottom of this page

Advantages of hiring
a professional instructor for driving lessons

Learning how to Drive is one of the most crucial landmarks in your life, providing you with autonomy and the liberty to travel for pleasures and business.  As long as you prepare yourself and dedicate time and lots of practice, learning how to drive is an experience that is incredibly gratifying, fun and fulfilling

  1. DMV trained experienced Instructors: 

We at Las Vegas NV Driving School are reliable, trustworthy and punctual. We are enthusiastic about assisting you to learn driving in a special equipped car. Double brake commands and safety devices make students more confident and ensure your driving lessons are safe educational and productive.  The teaching style or our driving instructors should place even the most nervous student driver at ease quickly. Each lesson is tailored to every individual students needs.

  1. Driving Test Knowledge: 

We pick you up at your location, lessons starts once the student is behind-the-wheel. We are helping our students understand the areas and the potential test routes which they will take on their driving test. We practice parallel parking at the DMV every time possible or on the street with actual cars.Lessons are $100 for two hour long, and are on a one to one basis. The number of lessons will depend on what you personally need in order to feel comfortable driving and pass your DMV test. As owner and instructor I will personally be following your progress and will advise you accordingly.

  1. Parents may teach their own bad driving habits without realizing it.

Parents often take the lead in teaching their teenage children to drive, even though their own memories of starting out behind the wheel may be hazy at best. Though they’ve been driving for a while and may have a good grasp on what to teach, they may not necessarily know how to teach it. Since car crashes are the top cause of teen deaths in the United States. claiming more than 2,700 teen lives in 2010 and sending another 282,000 to the emergency room, it’s a task that parents really need to get right.

  1. Parents aren’t professional driving instructors.

The procedure for learning to drive may be far from straightforward and can be called a minefield. For parents and teenagers alike it can be nerve wracking .
For both it may be frightening and exciting in the exact same time! Many teenagers do not always accept very well their Parents critics or orders and Parents do not have always the requested patience and understanding. Most importantly, being used to drive for a long time, that may have developed bad driving habits or forgotten some rules that may be crucial during the DMV driving Test.

 B-T-W Driving Lessons

All our pricing includes FREE pick-up and drop-off  at the location of your choice. Basic single lesson is 2 hour long for $100.
Prior learning how to drive behind-the-wheel, anyone from 15 1/2 years of age and adults must carry a VALID LEARNERS PERMIT.
To obtain a Learner's Permit you must apply to the DMV and pass a written test. It is valid for one year prior passing your driver's license.
Teenagers under 18 must practice/ learn behind-the-wheel for 50 hours with an adult supervisor, including 10 hours in darkness and must record all cessions in a log book before applying for the driver's license.
They also must follow a 30 hour Driver's Education Course (drivers' Ed)  to compensate  for the lack of experience, an obtain a Certificate of Completion. ($40 total)

Call Thierry for behind-the wheel lessons: 702-556-7938
We are open 7 days a week
Everyone Welcome 7am - 10pm


 Online Driver's Education

Prior passing the drivers' license at 16, a teenager under 18 must also follow a 30 hour course on Driver’s EDucation on top of the Learner’s permit (knowledge base). Following the course they must pass and exam with certificate prior applying for a driver's license. Everyone welcome from 15 years of age.
It actually make good sense to follow the Driver's Ed course prior the learner's permit in order to help learning rules and regulation.
If you are over 18   you are welcome to follow the course only (no certificate needed).
Driver's Ed is a separate service for Behind-The Wheel driving Lessons.
30 hour online course  $20 - Add Exam & Certificate: $20

Call Pierre for comments or support 702-739-9591
Learn at your own pace.
Everyone welcome 24/7

 DMV Certified:

Our company is Licensed, bonded, insured and all approved by Nevada state and DMV. All instructors are DMV Certified & licensed



What our Students Say 




Thierry B.( owner ) & Samuel w.  35 years of experience.
We will pick you up at your location and bring you back. We will teach you theory and practice with patience, tolerance and understanding in a calm 




All our vehicles are Toyota Prius Hybrid equipped with all security features including dual brake system ( That is a State and DMV requirement). They are fully insured and DMV approved for teaching Behind-the -Wheel driving classes.


Our Objective


Our objective is to teach behind-the-wheel defensive driving in order to help you pass your Nevada DMV driving test with confidence and hoping that we can save lives.

Our Incentive


Our incentive is to contribute to make road safer and save lives by improving and emphasizing proper driving and courtesy to others. We will teach you awareness, responsibility and safe/ defensive driving.


Defensive Driving :

Predict-Prepare-Avert: Most importantly, I will also teach safety rules and defensive driving including how to predict potential danger and other drivers' reaction around you. This could as well be a chain reaction triggered by unexpected events several cars ahead of you.
This will prepare you to properly react in time and avert any possible accidents.

We can teach Behind-the -wheel driving to every one starting at 15 1/2 years of age.You may start online DriversEd at 15 prior applying for your learner's permit at 151/2.

Your Own DMV Certified Instructor

  • Your instructor will stay the same from beginning to end unless major event.
  • We will pick you up at the location of your choice
  • We offer DMV-certified driving instruction with the conviction that you’ll successfully pass your driving test.
  • We emphasize Safety and Awareness along with vehicle control and defensive driving in order to build your confidence in driving in all possible conditions.
  • We will provide behind-the-wheel instructions with current DMV regulations.
  • We teach proper, safe and defensive driving on any road and or for all situations, including: turns, parking, lane changes, passing cars, all lights and road signs, driving and stopping distances, etc. …
  • We provide  Behind-the-Wheel Training Certificate so you may be able to get a discount on your auto insurance.
  • Refresher courses available..

     A Driving Lesson about Parallel Parking by Thierry- Video 

Pass your DMV test with confidence


Possibility to use the driving school vehicle for your DMV test  with or without previous Behind-the-wheel driving classes
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